Creative Copywriter





A Baltimore-born copywriter whose work dissects race, music, culture, and identity. Inspired to create work that borders between beautiful and unusual.


Clio Awards

Gold - Music - Don Julio "Por Amor: A Love Letter to Mexico"

Bronze - Branded Content - Johnnie Walker "Angel City Football Club Anthem"

The One Show

Shortlist – Digital Craft – Monica Lewinsky "@GoodnessBot"
Shortlist – Direct – Monica Lewinsky "@GoodnessBot"
Shortlist – Experiential & Immersive – Monica Lewinsky "@GoodnessBot" 
Shortlist – Health, Wellness & Pharma – Monica Lewinsky "@GoodnessBot"
Shortlist – Public Relations – Monica Lewinsky "@GoodnessBot"
Shortlist – Social Media (x4) – Monica Lewinsky "@GoodnessBot"


Shortlist - Digital Experience - Monica Lewinsky “@GoodnessBot”
Shortlist - Real Time Engagement - Monica Lewinsky “@GoodnessBot”

Cresta Awards

Gold - Digital Design - User Journey - Monica Lewinsky “@GoodnessBot”

Hispanic Marketing Council

Silver - Creative Ingenuity - Ally Financial "LyricALLY"